Google Workspace improves work experience


Many companies continue to work remotely even after the Covid-19 outbreak subsides. At this point, it is important that people have the tools to do their job as well as at home. With this in mind, Google supports Workspace with many updates.

Google Workspace promises more efficient work experience

First, Google Workspace’s Google Assistant feature is finally out of beta. The Assistant can now be used easily to attend meetings, find out what’s on your work Calendar, and send messages. This feature is currently only available on mobile devices. It is still in beta for smart screens and speakers.

Google Meet now has more second screen options. In Meet, you will be able to participate in chats, surveys and Q&A on any device, including Nest Hub Max. The video call app also receives live stream updates, including polls, Q&A and live captions. Note, however, that these features will initially be available for English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French. Other Meet updates include a mobile tile view. So you can see more people at the same time on smaller screens. Split-screen and picture-in-picture support will also be added to the mobile view.

Google wants to help employees collaborate effectively and securely with corporate teams. The company will launch the Google Workspace Frontline service in the coming days. This service will be an easy way for teams to create custom AppSheet apps in Sheets and Drive. According to Google, it will help frontline employees streamline and digitize their work. Google states that these features will provide employees with secure access to the information they need on any device.

There are a few more updates that focus on managing your attention and time. As Google recently announced, you’ll be able to mark multiple blocks in your work time settings to let your colleagues know when you’re available for meetings. Similarly, you can add recurring out of office events. Note that meeting requests are automatically rejected during this period.

A new event type called Focus Mode will allow you to adjust blocks of time when notifications are limited. Google will also send you Time Insights that will detail how you spend your days. Thus, thanks to the location indicators in the Workspace applications package, you can inform your colleagues when you will be at home and on what days you will be at the office.

Chat, Jamboard, and Calendar will appear on Workspace Essentials for easier access. The workspace will also have more security tools. Extended Data Regions will allow Workspace customers to choose the geographic location where data is stored, while Guaranteed Controls will help them make decisions about controlling provider access.