Google Will Use Games To Teach How The Cloud Works


Google Cloud has launched a platform aimed at teaching cloud technologies. The Capacita Mais website will offer videos in Portuguese and Spanish so that lay people can learn how cloud computing works. Most of the content can be accessed for free.

The site will also offer live training, labs and certifications to help developers, students and Information Technology (IT) professionals to deepen their knowledge of cloud computing.

The launch of the hub aims to train local talent in cloud technologies, both in data processing and infrastructure.

Game Cloud Hero

The Cloud Hero game will showcase the leading Google Cloud Platform (GCG) solutions through a series of challenges that help users develop skills related to the company’s cloud technology.

The Data Skills track will focus on the basic resources for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions such as BigQuery, Cloud Speech AI, Cloud Natural Language API, AI Platform, Dataflow, Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta, Dataproc and Video Intelligence API.

Infra Skills will focus on Google Cloud infrastructure, covering subjects such as command usage, Cloud Shell, creation and implementation of virtual machines on Compute Engine and running applications in containers on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Check out the full schedule:

Cloud Hero Data Skills: October 8, 4pm to 7pm
Cloud Hero Data Skills: October 15th, 9am to 12pm
Cloud Hero Data Skills: November 5th, 9am to 12pm
Cloud Hero Infra Skills: November 19, 9:00 to 12:00
Cloud Hero Data Skills: December 3rd, 9am to 12pm

Interested parties can register for the events on the Capacita Mais platform.


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