Google Will Tighten Policies Against Adult-Oriented Ads


Google has confirmed that it will once again change the ad engines in search results to reduce the display of adult content to young people.

The measure was announced after a Reuters report, which detected the presence of advertising related to sex toys, alcoholic beverages, cholesterol-regulating drugs and high-risk investments while children were browsing.

In August 2021, the company had already made a change to the search engine ads policies to collect less data from young people and not show this type of content to minors. The following month, the UK started a new regulatory program to protect young people’s online privacy.

What Does Google Say

Although it did not detail what it will do to improve automatic ad delivery, Google said it has taken “immediate action” on the matter. In this way, it is possible that it does not get complicated and becomes the target of investigation by regulatory agencies or parents who may eventually file a lawsuit.

The company also reinforced that the contents found by the report “were poorly classified and, therefore, should have restricted access” for young users.