Google will terminate another application


It seems that a new one will be added to Google’s last services in the near future. According to the recently claimed information, the Google Duo application can be terminated by combining it with another similar service of Google.

Google Duo app can be combined with Google Meet

It seems that the video calling application Duo, which Google has been using in recent years, has not reached the expected number of users since its introduction. It also creates confusion that Google offers a similar service to Hangouts. However, with Google Meet, which recently started to be delivered to users for free, the number of similar applications has increased.

According to new information, Google may be preparing to merge Duo and Meet applications soon. If such a step is taken, the Duo application will be among the services that Google has terminated.

Especially during the pandemic process, especially on the business side, Google Meet has managed to be one of the tools that provide an important video online meeting service. The use of Meet increased after it was later offered to individual users for free. As it turns out, Google doesn’t want Duo and Meet apps to compete with each other.

In the coming days, new information about the Google Duo application will continue to emerge.


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