Google will show alternative search results based on your recent activities


Search giant Google has made many changes to the search engine over the years. While the company was retiring some features, it did not neglect to add new features. It looks like Google is getting ready to add a new feature to the search engine. The company will show you an alternative search result based on recent activities with this feature.

Over the years, Google has added many different services to its structure and has expanded its areas of activity every year. The company, which has grown even more in time, has connected other products and services to the search engine. Google has made the search engine even more powerful with a number of new features it has added.

It looks like Google is getting ready to add a new feature to the search engine. According to a report in Android Police, Google’s results page shows an alternative search result link based on the user’s recent activity for the search.

New feature from Google to search engine:
Currently, it is not known whether this feature uses the user’s data in other applications and services, or just based on previous searches. Of course, although this feature does not seem to change much, it has to be said that its potential is quite high.

For example, let’s say you search Google for a product you want to buy and find a company that sells the product. Thanks to the new feature, when you write the name of the company that sells the product to Google; It can show you information about the company you want directly by scanning your previous search results, not other companies with similar names but operating in different fields.

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Of course, this potential has more than just product and company matching. With this feature, you can reach the results that really work for you in just a few clicks without advancing through Google.

This new feature of the search giant is not yet available to a wide audience. Therefore, we can say that we have more time to see this feature in our devices. There is also the possibility that this is a test by Google to see how people react. So how did you find this new feature of Google?


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