Google Will Reset App Permissions On ‘Billions Of Android’


Google announced, this Friday (17), that will launch from December to “billions of Android devices” the automatic reset of permissions to run apps. According to the company, the feature will automatically activate on devices with Google Play services that run Android 6.0 or higher.

The auto reset tool was released on Android 11 and serves to remove app permissions that have not been used for a few months. Execute permissions are sensitive because they give applications access to restricted data and allow them to perform actions that affect the system.

This type of authorization (which is also called “dangerous permissions”) is displayed at times such as opening programs. In this case, the user is asked to consent for the photos, files and media to be accessed by the software, for example.

Starting in December, users will be able to manually configure the option so that accesses from apps that have not been used for a long time are revoked. Despite this, some apps may ask you to disable auto-reset.

Google also explained that the option will not be used for other types of permissions, such as installation time (which is required when a new app is installed), normal and special.

In addition to the announcement, the company made available a manual for developers on how to change the source code of applications so that they can ask the user to disable the automatic reset.


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