Google Will Require New Format Of Apps on Android From August


Google: Publishing apps in APK format on Android has its days numbered. Starting in August, Google will require that new apps on the Play Store have another standard, known to offer benefits for both users and developers, as the search giant explained on Tuesday (29).

It is the Android App Bundle (AAB) format, launched in 2018 and characterized by the ability to reduce the application size by 15%, on average. The new standard generates an optimized file for the installation device settings, avoiding unsupported features that would take up more space.

With this, users will be able to download faster and enjoy greater storage capacity, resulting in fewer uninstalls due to lack of space. Another advantage of the pattern is the greater security offered, thanks to a stronger app subscription key.

According to the Mountain View company, AAB is already present in more than 1 million software available on the Android store today, including most of the 1,000 most popular apps on the platform. This group includes applications from Netflix, Twitter, Duolingo, Adobe and Gameloft titles.

Current apps will not be affected.

The change in the format of apps published on the Google Play Store, expected to take effect from August, will not affect the programs currently available on the official Android store. Only those made available after the standard is adopted will need to make the change.

Private applications offered through the platform, which are restricted to a few users, usually corporate, will also not be required to adopt the AAB format, according to Google.

For titles required to change, developers will have to exchange APKS for AAB packages and OBB expansion files for Play Asset Delivery or Play Feature Delivery.


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