Google Will Release Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Without Charger in Box


Apparently, Google will be the next tech giant to sell smartphones without chargers. According to The Verge, big tech plans to end supplying the accessory with the Pixel 5A – suggesting that the newly confirmed Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro cases will not carry the component.

One of the company’s arguments, complements the vehicle, is that a large part of the public already has at least one charger that supports USB-C cables, thus eliminating the need for others (a defense similar to that of competitors such as Apple and Samsung). Still, the economic weight on such decisions cannot be ignored, ponders the site.

It’s good to get used to…

If Google sells new devices without chargers, at least three tech industry leaders will implement the change — which will make it easier for other companies to follow suit. Therefore, initiatives like this are likely to become even more common soon.

Finally, even in relation to the supposed environmental concern, also mentioned by Google, highlights The Verge, there is a risk that third parties take over the production of accessories, thus increasing the emission of pollutants. Only time will show the supposed benefit of the movement.


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