Google will reduce choice options for camera on Android 11


Google generally emphasizes the choice it offers on the platform when it is accused of monopoly or anti-competitive application on Android. However, with Android 11, it seems that there will be a significant change in the “choice-oriented” approach that Google likes to boast about.

With iOS 14, Apple will offer its users the ability to choose default email apps and browsers. On Android, this facility has been available for a long time. In particular, the options offered by the manufacturers are not very impressive, making this choice more meaningful. However, it seems that it will not be possible to find this flexibility in Android 11, at least in terms of camera applications.

According to the news of Android Police, when an application requests permission to take photos or videos on Android 11, users will not be asked which camera application is preferred. Instead, the camera application will be opened directly by the phone’s manufacturer. In short, users and developers will no longer have a say in this matter.

Google is said to have made this change out of privacy and security concerns. However, the company has not yet received a clear statement on the subject. However, it should be borne in mind that many harmful applications can exploit the ignorance and goodwill of users by taking advantage of this facility.

The change in question will be implemented directly with Android 11. It is currently unclear how this feature will function if users specify a third-party camera application as the main camera application.

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