Google will provide more information on search results


Google updates its search results with an important feature. The “About this result” menu will allow you to get information from Wikipedia about a website in the search results you are viewing, making it easier to examine sites you do not know much.

To see the new information boxes, simply click the three dots icon on the top right of the result card. This shows a brief preliminary information on the article. Google, “These disclosures will provide the most up-to-date verified and sourced information available on Wikipedia.” says.

Additionally, the new search information box will show more detailed information about the result, such as whether it is an organic search result or a paid ad, or whether the site is using a secure HTTPS connection.


Google says the new result information is designed to help provide more “peace of mind” when searching. But it’s also easy to see how the new tool can help users understand misinformation when searching for news or health information on Google. It is probably no coincidence that one of the company’s prime examples helped determine that a site like The Lancet is a valid source of medical information for the COVID-19 outbreak.

The new feature was released as a beta yesterday. While Google has yet to provide precise details on what this will look like eventually, it says it will continue to receive feedback from users to further improve and expand it in the future.

The new “about this result” feature was made available as a beta for English-speaking users in the US starting yesterday for the mobile web, desktop and Android Google app.


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