Google will pay $ 3.8 million for discrimination


Google agreed to pay a total of $ 3.8 million to avoid going to trial on charges of discrimination. According to the Reuters news agency, the company has been accused of offering a lower payment to women and treating women and people of Asian descent or descent unevenly when opening new positions.

A body from the country’s Ministry of Labor detected inconsistencies in wage payments and hiring between 2014 and 2017 in the company’s software engineering area, both on the Mountain View campus in California and in other offices across the country.

The settlement money will be split. Of the total, US $ 2.6 million will be allocated to retroactive payments to the 5,500 employees and candidates who were harmed. US $ 1.25 million will be used in salary adjustments for engineers hired for the next five years. The remaining money will be applied “in diversity efforts” at Google.

What Google says

In an official statement, Google spoke on the case. “We believe that everyone should be paid based on the work that is done, not who they are, and heavy investments to make our hiring and compensation processes fair and unbiased. For the past eight years, we have done annual salary equity analyzes. to identify and resolve any discrepancies. We are pleased to resolve this issue related to the allegations of the investigations between 2014 and 2017 and remain committed to diversity and equality to support our people to enable them to do the best job possible, “says the company.

In previous years, the company was accused of “stifling discussions about diversity” and also of “discrimination against whites and Asians”.


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