Google will make Android Auto more ‘useful’


Apple Car and Android Auto, which have become indispensable for new generation vehicles, cannot meet the expectations in terms of user experience. Aiming for users to access more applications, Google announced third-party software support for Android Auto.

Android Auto gets third party software support

In the automotive industry, infotainment systems are of great importance for users. Google and Apple continue to improve their systems to appeal to more users.

Google Android Auto

Making a statement about the third party software in August 2020, the company launched its new feature. Users will be able to download applications such as navigation and parking support from the Google Play Store.

The strict rules Google has created for application developers are striking.

The articles in the guide on the company’s website are as follows:

– Design your app with our developer guide.
– Develop your application with the latest version of
– Test your application with the new test library.
– Publish your app on the production channel on the Play Console.

After Google announced its official support for third-party applications, T map, Sygic and A Better Route Planner map applications were on the Play Store. In addition, charging applications such as Chargepoint and PlugShare for electric vehicles have also been published.

It is thought that Android Auto versions of other popular applications will come in the near future.


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