Google will hold a surprise event tomorrow


Google announced that it will organize a surprise event tomorrow. Called Search On, the event will be broadcast live on Google’s official YouTube channel and the website made available for the event.

Google will hold Search On event tomorrow

Google, one of the US technology giants, organizes a Google I / O event every year. The company, which brought its renewed services and technologies to consumers with the event, could not perform its activity this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On top of that, Google announced that it will hold an event called Search On, which has a different concept, tomorrow. The event to be held online will be broadcast live on the YoutTube channel or website.

As part of the Search On event, it was stated that “Google’s latest solutions to harness the power of artificial intelligence to help people understand the real world around them” will be explained. However, Google did not make a more comprehensive statement other than this sentence.


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