Google will give Gmail users a choice in data processing


It will give users of services such as Google Gmail, Chat and Meet the choice of not processing their data for features such as Smart Typing and Smart Reply. Users previously had the ability to disable these features. However, it will now be able to decide whether the user data is processed in the background for these features. Google is preparing to begin the distribution of this feature in the coming weeks.

According to the image shared on Google’s official blog, Gmail users will be shown two dialog boxes regarding the data processing process. The first of these will be related to the smart features offered in Gmail.

These features include automatic email filtering and categories, Smart Typing, summary cards seen in e-mails and calendar entries from event details. Google states that users who go outside of the data processing process will not be able to benefit from these features.

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In the second dialog box, users are asked whether they have consent for Gmail, Chat and Meet data to use other Google services such as Assistant or Maps. Even if users do not give their consent at first, they can activate it later through Gmail’s settings.

According to the information provided by Google, the new setting will be added next to the existing options. Users will be able to activate or deactivate each of these features separately. However, users will not be given detailed control over the data processing processes behind these features. In short, users will not be able to continue using summary cards if they turn off data processing for Smart Typing.

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