Google Will Give $250,000 To Anyone Who Finds A Security Hole In Pixel 6


Google has officially announced a new rewards program for security experts who find vulnerabilities in the recently launched Pixel 6, a smartphone that already has the Android 12 operating system and the ability to run the Android Enterprise enterprise tools platform.

The Android Enterprise Vulnerability Rewards Program can pay up to $250,000 to anyone who gains complete control of the device by exploiting an as-yet-unknown loophole.

As one of the functions of the corporate package includes “locking” the device to avoid personal use and having settings controlled only by the company, the idea is that this security is not easily broken by interested parties in industrial data theft or large-scale attacks against companies , for example.

Zero trust

In addition to the program, Google announced the expansion of tools and APIs in “Zero Trust” mode — that is, assuming that an access environment is never always protected, with checks and improvements always being needed.

This is especially important in today’s corporate world, where many companies have not yet fully returned to face-to-face work or are adopting a hybrid model, with home equipment considered less secure than one connected directly to a company’s internal network.


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