Google will end paid extension support in the Web Store


Google recently announced that after 11 years it will stop supporting payments in the online store dedicated to its browser, the Chrome Web Store. With the move, the company expects developers to use external payment alternatives to offer extensions and other items for a fee.

According to the company, the publication of extensions and paid items has been suspended since March this year, due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19. Google, however, decided to make the move permanent starting this September, effectively banning the creation of new extensions or paid items in the Chrome Web Store.

The changes don’t stop there: in December of this year, the test buttons (also known as “Try Now”) will be disabled, as will the options with the same purpose within the applications. Likewise, existing apps, extensions and paid items will have Web Store payment support ending in February 2021, but will still allow developers to access past purchase information, both in apps and in the store.

The Google initiative can weaken or even end the market for paid extensions, as the news discourages the development of new applications for the browser. Previously, the extension features that were an attractive differentiator for many users of Google Chrome, today present more risks than benefits, especially when it comes to digital security and, thus, fell out of use.

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