Google Will Enable Two-Factor Authentication by Default At Login


Google said on Thursday (06) that it will soon begin to notify users of company accounts to enable two-step authentication for company accounts by default.

Still without a specific deadline, the company will send notifications leading the user to activate the smartphone or other device to be the “second factor” of the login, that is, an extra layer of security in addition to the password to prevent invasions and theft of credentials. .

Currently, the mechanism works quite simply: after configuring the settings in your Google account, any new registered login requires you to respond to a window that appears on your phone confirming your identity.

Goodbye, passwords

According to the brand, the step is necessary for it to build “advanced security technologies on devices” to completely eliminate the use of passwords on a daily basis and to prevent cybercrime – many of which are caused by mass leaks of information or weak codes that are easily guessed. In 2018, only 10% of the Gmail user base used the feature.

As an option, Google will also allow the use of physical security keys, such as Titan, which is its own manufacture.


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