Google will continue your Hangouts conversations


Google has some of the biggest messaging apps. Among them is Gmail, one of the most popular mail services and one of its extra functions is the Hangout messaging app. At least this was until recently, as Google claimed early last year that it would remove it. However, the company has other plans such as the launch of the Chats app to which you will have to migrate next year.

Google helps you pass your data

When you buy a new mobile, surely you have to put all the data from your old terminal to the new one. This takes time, but in the end it pays to have an application or system to help you do this procedure. But this also happens with Internet applications and Google is clear that in order not to lose any data they can help you.

This is just what will happen when you have to pass all data from Hangouts to Chats and Gmail. The firm has published today on its blog what it will do in the future of the messaging app. As you can read, the expected date for the deployment of chat will be early next year, at which time everyone will be able to use it instead of Hangout.

But the interesting part comes now, as they are preparing an automatic data migration system. You won’t have to worry about anything other than being vigilant when this starts to work. According to the statements “to ensure a smooth transition, we will help you automatically migrate your Hangouts conversations, along with saved contacts and history.”

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