Google will consider ‘page experience’ in its search engine


Google announced on Thursday (28) that it plans to consider a new factor for listing results in its search engine: the page experience. In addition, the company also said it will remove Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology from Top Stories on mobile devices.

According to the statement, the page experience factor will analyze user interaction with a website. For that, Google will use the Core Web Vitals tool that contains metrics that consider aspects such as compatibility with mobile devices and navigation security.

“Although all the experience components are important, we will prioritize the pages with the best information, even if they have some inferior aspects regarding the experience.”, Explained the company in the statement. With this, the search engine will give priority to pages with more relevant content. However, if Core Web Vitals identifies sites with similar content that have differences in page experience, the latter factor will be considered in the ranking.

Google expects to implement these changes later this year. However, the company has pledged to give developers enough time to update their pages according to the new metrics.

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