Google Will Change The GBoard In Split Screen For Folding Mobiles


Google has a lot of applications that are most useful for users of any device. It doesn’t matter if you have a computer or a smartphone from any home or operating system, if you have Internet you can use its services. But we are not going to stay with one of the most important ones, which is the keyboard, where we will find a renewal of the GBoard with its new split screen.

Google adapts its keyboard to split screens

Everyone has the shape of a mobile phone on their heads. No longer a traditional one, but a smartphone from which to make calls and connect to the Internet. Thanks to its touch screen it is possible to adapt any controller to a screen, from a gamepad to a keyboard. And the fact is that you have so many options to put a good QWERTY on your screen that you can choose whether to stick with the one that comes by default or download a very different one.

Here we have the case of GBoard, one of the most important applications of the Mountain View firm that it has for all devices. Well, rather for some, since those who have a folding phone have to choose their screen integration well. At least that will be until shortly, since the great G is looking for a way to put a GBoard in split screen for flexible phones.

If you are a keyboard user you will know that you can split the keyboard even if you have a single screen. The procedure is very simple and with it you will have the opportunity to put two halves in order to facilitate the movement of the fingers on the keyboard, but this in a folding terminal can be a problem with the current design.

At least that’s how they tell it in AndroidPolice, where they point out that the American company is working on a new system to accommodate its keyboard to phones with a folding screen. This redesign breaks with what has been seen so far, since it will not break the keyboard as it does now. It seems that some keys will be duplicated on one side and the other in order to be able to press them from either side because you are probably coming from both sides.

It has not yet been officially implemented, but it is a matter of time before Google fully develops this feature adapted to the most recent and cutting-edge terminals.