Google Will Allow Free Listing of Products Appearing in Search Results


With its new feature, Google will bring businesses and customers together much easier. The company will allow products listed on the Google search results page to be listed for free.

One of the biggest companies in the technology and internet world, Google continues to offer new features to its users. The search giant is adding a new feature to its users.

The company is now bringing this listing feature to Google search results after the U.S. announced that Google Shopping product results will include free listings first. This new feature will not only make offers more accessible to shoppers from Google, but will also bring businesses to more customers.

Sales list comes to search results

The free listing feature on the Google Shopping tab has led to significant improvements in both clicks and impressions. The reason for this kind of development was that it was very difficult for people to find the product they wanted. Although there are still many quality products that the consumer can ask for, it could be difficult for customers to find them or to be aware of the existence of these products.

On the other hand, it can be very difficult for businesses to meet with new or existing customers in digital environment. Adding free lists to Google search results will allow shoppers to find the product they are interested in.

“Ready for all sizes, especially small and medium-sized sellers, are taking advantage of this increased traffic,” says Google manager Bill Ready. We also see that these changes will generate billions of dollars annually for vendors and brands in the USA ”.

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The free list of products in Google search results will appear in the product information panel and show purchase options. The products listed in the product information panel previously consisted of sponsored links, but they will be free from summer months. This feature will first be available on mobile platforms in the US and later on the desktop. It is not known when this feature will be available in the rest of the world.


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