Google Wifi: Powerful Mesh Router Comes To


Google Wifi: Google announced this Thursday (14) the arrival of its new mesh router in Brazil, Google Wifi. According to the company, it was “designed to offer quality wireless internet”. The device is already on sale in the main retail chains in the country and can be purchased for a unit price of R$999, or in kits with three units, for R$1,999.

The device does not work like a regular router due to mesh technology. This is because it detects and eliminates the so-called “dead zones”, which represent the points in the house where the signal is weakest.

About the high power of the device, the company claims that a single Google Wifi device can distribute signal to all environments in a residence of up to 110 m². For larger places, two devices are recommended.

To install, simply connect Google Wifi to the internet or directly to the modem’s network cable, open the Google Home app and complete the necessary configuration. In the app, the user can create alternative passwords for network sharing with guests, check internet speed, see which devices are connected and select which devices should be prioritized for faster connection.


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