Google warned about 3 billion Chrome users!


US-based technology company Google warned 2.6 billion Chrome users. The company made a statement about password security.


Technology company Google stated that 2.6 billion Chrome users should be on the alert. Because, according to the company’s statement, billions of passwords have been hacked. This is because the passwords we usually use in our accounts are the same or simple. Because it is difficult to remember more than one password, we use the same passwords in different services. However, this is playing into the hands of hackers gaining access to large numbers of accounts.

Google recommends the use of a password manager

According to Google’s statement, it was recently revealed that billions of passwords have been hacked and are easily accessible online. Hackers are trying to gain access to accounts by hacking these huge databases of passwords.

According to The Sun’s report, using the same passwords for security is quite risky. Because only one attack is enough to enter many accounts. But Google says you can keep your accounts safe with a password manager program. Because, thanks to the software, different and complex passwords are used for different services. Moreover, you do not need to remember them.

There is also a tool in the password manager called Password Checkup. This tool warns you when you log into a website using one of over 4 billion unsafe usernames and passwords. Google’s Jennifer Pullman previously said on this topic: “More than 650,000 people have attended our first trial since our launch. We scanned 21 million usernames and passwords in the first month alone. We have marked more than 316K as unsafe.”

How do I find out if my password is secure?

According to the statement, there is a great risk for everyone whose usernames and passwords are stolen from different sites. For security, it is important to change your login information. But even if you have different usernames, previously compromised passwords can put you at risk.

Well what does it mean? Using a very simple password probably indicates that someone else is using it as well. However, this password itself may have been hacked. Hackers get lists of these compromised passwords from many different sites.

This means that hackers are much more likely to access your accounts with the login information on these lists, rather than trying random letters or numbers. Therefore, choosing strong, unique passwords for all your accounts will reduce the risk.

Also, Pullman suggested: “Open the browser and click on the top right corner to go to Settings. Then click on the key symbol to go to the password options. The section called ‘Saved Passwords‘ contains all the websites where you have saved your login information. Then click on ‘Check passwords‘. Chrome will scan your information and let you know if it’s safe. It will also tell you if your passwords are weak.”