Google Wants To Show Videos From TikTok And Instagram In Searches


Google is negotiating with TikTok and Instagram to try to index the apps’ videos in the search engine. Currently, the search platform is not able to return as results the contents that are on other sites, and at most are shown reprints of the original videos that were uploaded on YouTube.

The information was released this Friday (24) by The Information. According to the vehicle, the Mountain View giant wants users to be able to find material like the viral choreography Renegade Dance on the search engine.

The technology company understands that the productions are consumed by a lot of people and that it would make a lot of sense on the market to index all of this on Google. In the UK and US, the average time people spend viewing videos on TikTok is already higher than the average time on YouTube, for example.

However, despite negotiating directly with executives from ByteDance (owner of TikTok) and Instagram, there is no guarantee that the mission will be successful. The Information points out that competing companies are evaluating whether it makes sense to allow their contents to be found by search engines outside their own platforms.

To try to “balance” the scales, as the Chinese app has exploded in popularity, Google has even launched alternatives such as Shorts, a tool for displaying short videos on YouTube.

In response to the report, the Alphabet Inc. company argues that these are “standard discussions” and that the company is always looking for new ways to organize information on the Internet.


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