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Google Wants iPhone 13 Phones To Look Like Android!


Technology company Google has suggested that the home screens of the newly released iPhone 13 smartphones look like Android phones.


With its big event on September 14, Apple introduced many devices, including the iPhone 13 series smartphones. The newest iPhones using the iOS operating system, Android’s number one competitor, are on sale in many countries. The new series attracts the attention of millions of users. However, tech company Google has invited iOS users to use Google features.

Google suggested features for iPhone 13

Google wanted the iPhone 13 home screen to look like Android in a new blog post. Many features were shared in the blog post titled “Bring the best of Google to your iPhone”. The blog post in question was written by Google’s iOS platform manager Luke Wroblewski. In the content, screenshots of the home screen of an iPhone 13 full of Google applications and widgets attracted attention.

The company is trying to persuade new iPhone 13 users to transform their ‌device’s home screen to look like Android. The content is aimed at replacing some of Apple’s default iOS apps on iPhones, such as Photos, Safari, Calendar, Reminders, and even Phone. The Google administrator invites iPhone users to replace these apps with Google ‌Photos‌, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and Google Voice.

Google stated that if the right Google widgets are placed on the home screen, users will never have to leave the home screen. According to the blog post, users can also use “Smart Stacks” to stack different Google ‌widgets‌. Finally, Google suggested that Google Chrome be the default browser for iPhone 13 instead of Safari.



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