Google updates Chrome to fix flaws in Android


This Tuesday morning (23), Google launched a series of updates that promise to end the recent flaws in Android that, as reported by us at TecMundo, started on the night of the previous day. According to the complaints, Google’s ecosystem apps stopped working for no apparent reason, displaying the message “the app crashes continuously”.

The error responsible for the problems was located in the Android System Webview, a system tool that allows users to display web content directly in the app that is in use, without opening a new Google Chrome tab.

“We are aware of an issue with WebView that causes some Android applications to crash for some users,” said Google in a statement to the news portal The Verge.

Users discover error source

But, at this point, the source of the problem was already in the sights of some users who, by removing the latest update from the Android System WebView, were able to solve the problem. This was even recommended by the official Samsung account in the United States via Twitter.

Different models were affected by the problem. However, Samsung’s latest devices, such as Galaxy S20 and S21, Note 20, A50 and A70, have been affected more aggressively. Many Motorola users have also reported the error, which was not linked to any specific feature of the applications, affecting even apps like Gmail.


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