Google Updates Apps for iOS 15 With Focus Mode and Other News


Google: Launched this Monday (20), iOS 15 began to reach compatible iPhones bringing several new features. Taking advantage of the debut, Google also announced the update of its applications that run on Apple’s operating system, making them compatible with the latest version of the software.

The main new feature is the Focus mode support, which prioritizes the display of urgent notifications, leaving the user more focused on work and studies. With the feature enabled, less important alerts are directed to the Notification Center for later viewing.

If Google Maps is in use, for example, notifications about the need to change the route due to something unexpected in traffic will continue to be sent with Focus mode. The same goes for Tasks reminders linked to specific times and for some Google Home notices, among other situations.

According to the Mountain View giant, the changes have already started to be made and will be available to everyone over the next few weeks. They’ll be noticed on Gmail, Meet, Maps, Home, Tasks, and many other Google apps on iOS 15.

Bigger Widgets and YouTube Music

Some new features also make it to iPadOS 15, such as larger widgets for Google Photos and YouTube Music. According to the company, the extra-large-size versions will allow users to better visualize their memories and favorite music on the iPad’s home screen.

Back to iOS, another change promises to make life easier for music fans. When searching for any song in the Spotlight app, it will be possible to play it directly on YouTube Music, through an integration between Apple’s search engine and Google’s streaming. These news will also be available in the coming weeks.


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