Google Updated Verification Code Application Authenticator Years Later


Google released an update years later for Google Authenticator, its app that provides one-time passwords for two-factor security on Android. With the update, the account information in Google Authenticator has now been made portable across devices.

Google offers many applications on its mobile operating system Android that will make life easier for users. Google’s Android apps not only facilitate users’ daily use, but also provide additional security.

When Google Authenticator was released to Android users in 2012, it was improving the security of accounts without being connected to the internet. With Authenticator, users could get a two-factor verification code for applications that support Authenticator. These codes, which are single-use and limited-time, eliminated the trouble of requesting codes with SMS at each entry.

Google recently released an update to the Google Authenticator app, which provides security and speed in two-factor login. Google Authenticator did not receive any updates after 2017, including interface improvements. However, it seems that Google has started publishing a new update for Google Authenticator after a long time.

The new update of Google Authenticator comes with a feature that allows account information in the app to be moved across devices. There is an option to import and export account information with a QR code to be created on the device where Google Authenticator is installed. By using one of these options, the user will be able to move their account information in Google Authenticator to other devices in a protected manner.

The update of Google Authenticator brings changes on the interface side as well as the migration of cross-device account information. The app is optimized for new smartphones with big screens, as well as dark mode support.

Google’s Authenticator update has not been released for all devices yet. However, it will be available to all devices in a few days. Nevertheless, those who do not want to hurry can download the latest version of the application from the link here.


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