Google Unveils Doodle Winner of Illustration Contest


Google announced this Monday (14) the winning illustration of a competition promoted by the company among US students. In addition to education-oriented prizes, the winner will have the creation turned into a Doodle on the search engine’s homepage for one day.

The winner is Milo Golding, a resident of Lexington, Kentucky. The design is called “Finding Hope” and the creation should follow the contest theme: “I’m strong because…”.

“Regardless of the difficulties and uncertainties of life, hope is always there. It is our job to find that hope to continue moving forward,” said the young man.

Milo also said that he is the son of immigrants (the father is of Jamaican origin and the mother is Chinese) and saw life suddenly change when his father died when he was 13 years old. From that moment on, the young man started to devote part of his time to charitable initiatives, especially orphans from fragile social conditions.

He was the finalist in the category of drawings made by students aged 15 to 17 years, winning not only other participants of other ages, but also “tens of thousands” of submissions from all over the United States.

In addition to having the art displayed by the company on the research page, Milo received a total prize of US$35,000 in the form of scholarships, as well as Google hardware for student use and some other brand giveaways.


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