Google TV Starts Advertising Stadia Games on Its Interface


Google TV, Users of the new Chromecast have started to notice something new in the Google TV “For You” tab: a recommendation icon for games from Stadia, Google’s game streaming service, now appears in the interface. The change came after an update released last month that brings a Stadia app to the new dongle.

Last Saturday (10), the website 9TO5Google revealed that the greeting “Coming soon” has been replaced by a Google TV ad featuring Destiny 2, the most famous free-to-play game from the Stadia library. In addition to being ready to play, the title invites gamers to “join millions of Guardians and write their legend in the stars”.

Released in June by blogger Clive Illenden, the ad appears to mark the “rebirth” of Stadia and is popping up to more Google TV users. According to the information, the suggestion of the streaming service and the invitation to the game appear even if the platform’s app is not present in Chromecast.

This means that, when you click, the suggestion will take you directly to the Play Store, making it easy to download Stadia. The streaming service uses the power of the cloud to run the game and stream to Chromecast.

Google’s gaming service is not officially available in Brazil yet. The Stadia underwent major changes at the beginning of the year, but is still operating abroad.


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