Google TV Now Warns Of Free Content; See How To Use


Google TV: The Google TV app, also known as Google Play Movies in some regions, received a discreet update this week, but it could bring big changes to the user experience. Users will soon receive notifications when a movie or series from the Interest List becomes available for free.

The function will make life easier for many people who use the app to save attractions to watch at another time. Then, viewers can view productions directly on their mobile phone or stream to SmartTVs and Chromecasts.

In addition to reporting free content in Google’s catalogue, Google TV will also send alerts about movies and series available on third-party streaming services. Among them, the recent Apple TV+ and Paramount+.

For this occasion, the user needs to link the platform accounts to the app. That way, the person will receive notifications about favorite attractions when they are added to certain streams.

As reported by 9to5Google, Google TV alerts will be enabled by default on Android devices. Although it’s relatively hidden, it’s possible to disable the function in the app’s settings.

New Google TV Update

The Google TV Interest List alerts feature is available in version 4.29 of the app. The update will initially be made available to the American public and should reach other regions, including Brazil, soon.