Google TV launches mod to make smart TV less smart

In order to make your system more accessible, Google TV has implemented a new mode: Basic TV. According to information released by 9to5Google, the option eliminates all the smart features present in normal mode. The novelty, initially built on Android TV software, debuted on the new Chromecast. This construction generates some limitations, but the expectation is that the service will be expanded to the TCL and Sony models through integrated software.

According to the source, the new mode will remove applications from the operating system, content recommendations, as well as Google Assistant support. It is possible to return to normal mode at any time, but Basic TV activation can only be done through the settings.

Why implement a basic mode?

You may be wondering what the advantage (or even the utility) would be of having a basic mode at your disposal. Many users use set-top boxes from Apple, Amazon and other manufacturers to access streaming content. In this case, a “duplicate” interface on the TV just gets in the way.

This is useful when developers stop supporting software and applications for their TVs. After all, some users do not consider this to be a sufficient reason to buy more modern equipment. However, the presence of outdated smart features can affect television performance.

Finally, there are still those users who, aware of the smart TV’s vast data collection history, simply prefer to protect their privacy.



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