Google TV: Individual Profiles Feature Postponed To 2022


Google announced the postponement of an update to the Google TV operating system. According to the website 9to5Google, this means that some features previously promised by the company will not reach the devices within the period initially stipulated.

The main news that has been postponed is the arrival of multiple user profiles, which would allow the creation of individual and personalized spaces for each person who uses a device — something that is already common in streaming platforms.

The role would be skill on TVs from partner manufacturers such as TCL and devices such as Chromecast. In addition to allowing the addition of content to waiting lists, the new feature would bring suggestions based on each person’s history.

Initially, the profiles would be released in November, but now the update is for “the next few months” — that is, sometime in early 2022.

It’s worth remembering that the arrival of features is also region-dependent, with devices in the United States usually receiving updates sooner than other countries. Google TV is now officially available in Brazil and can be found on TCL televisions in the country.