Google TV Adds Multiple Individual Profiles Option


Google TV is enhancing the platform to provide a new experience for families with multiple members. Soon, users will be able to create personalized profiles based on individual interests and preferences.

Linked to a Google account, each profile will have its own list of favorites and recommendations. In addition, Google Assistant will show content according to the tastes of each resident of the house.

With the new addition, Google TV will allow each family member to have their own entertainment space. Indirectly, the platform draws on Amazon’s concept of individual Fire TV Stick areas.

The feature allows apps and logins to work across profiles, making it easy to manage quickly when setting up a new account. This makes the experience even more individual in apps that already support multiple profiles.

Google TV personalization also extends to ambient mode. Based on their own history, each person will see personalized cards with news and attraction indications on the streaming services.


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