Google Tried To Make It Harder For Smartphone Users To Find Location Settings


Google has tried to make it harder for smartphone users to find location settings. Unregulated documents regarding the lawsuit filed by the US state of Arizona against Google reveal a remarkable detail. It shows that Google executives and engineers are aware that the search giant is making it harder for smartphone users to keep their location information private.

The documents show that Google collects location data even after users turn off location sharing, making it harder for users to find their privacy settings. The documents also reveal that Google is showing pressure on phone manufacturers to keep their privacy settings private, as it is popular with users.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sued Google in May last year, alleging that the company illegally tracked the location of Android users without their permission, even if they had disabled location tracking features. The lawsuit alleged that Google kept location tracking running in the background for some features and only stopped the app when users disabled system-level tracking.

Uncorrected documents show a Google employee asked if there was a way to give your location to a third-party app instead of Google. The Insider site added in its report on the subject that this does not sound like something the company would want disclosed to the media.

Google spokesman José Castañeda, who sent an e-mail to The Verge about the issue, said that they set out to mischaracterize the services of Brnovich and the other party executing this case. “We have always added privacy features to our products and provided robust controls for location data. We’re looking forward to move the record higher. “


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