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Google Translator: Apple has become the most profitable company in the world, according to the ranking of the 500 largest companies prepared by Fortune Global, published this Monday (2). In 2020, the tech giant was third most profitable on the list. When considering the volume of billing, the iPhone maker ranks sixth among the 500 largest companies on the planet.

During fiscal year 2020, Apple posted $57 billion in profit, ending Saudi Aramco’s two-year reign as the most profitable company. The oil company made a profit of $49 billion.

Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities

Fortune highlighted the challenges and opportunities generated by the pandemic for Apple. “With Apple’s customers around the world working and learning at home, Mac and iPad computer sales soared to all-time highs,” the publication said.

Another three Bigs Techs are among the 10 most profitable companies in the world. Microsoft is fifth with a profit of $44 billion, while Alphabet, which owns Google, is in seventh with a profit of $40 billion. Facebook is the tenth, with $29 billion in registered profit.

For the first time in the decade, the ranking registers a drop in sales among the 500 largest companies in the world, which registered US$ 31.7 trillion, 4.8% less than the previous year. Among the highest revenues, Walmart is the leader for the eighth year in a row, with a result of US$ 559 billion. Amazon was in third place with revenues of US$ 386 billion.

The biggest profits

1. Apple (USA) – US$57 billion

2. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) – $49 billion

3. SoftBank Group (Japan) – US$47 billion

4. Industrial and Commercial Bank (China) – US$45 billion

5. Microsoft (USA) – US$44 billion

6. Berkshire Hathaway (USA) – $42 billion

7. Alphabet (USA) – US$40 billion

8. Construction Bank (China) – US$39 billion

9. Agricultural Bank (China) – US$31 billion

10. Facebook (USA) – US$29 billion

The biggest billings

1. Walmart (USA)?? – $559 billion

2. State Grid (China) – US$ 386 billion

3. Amazon (USA) – US$ 386 billion

4. China National Petroleum (China) – $283 billion

5. Sinopec Group (China) – US$283,727 billion

6. Apple (USA) – $274 billion

7. CVS Health (USA) – $286 billion

8. UnitedHealth Group (US) – $257 billion

9. Toyota Motor (Japan)?- $256 billion

10. Volkswagen (Germany)? – $253 billion


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