Google Translate Gets New Design With Material You


Google Translate: Although it is an extremely useful product, there is no denying that the “face” of Google Translate is somewhat outdated when compared to the other apps of the brand. The truth is that the virtual service already received its own “facelift” in October last year, via Material You, but the version was restricted to Pixel phones.

This Monday (31), Android Police revealed that the new design is starting to paint on the screen of other devices, and does not even require Android 12 installed. According to the publication, it was possible to run the app with the new look on a device with old Android 10, which indicates that the number of models covered must be quite large.

TecMundo tested the app in Brazil with a Galaxy S20 FE running Android 12 and the new design is also available. Check out, above, a comparison of the updated look in relation to the old one.

Of course, it will not be possible to get the dynamic colors of Material You on an older version of the operating system, as they depend on Monet, a native engine of Android 12. Anyway, the color of the original proposal is replaced by available blue tones in the palette, with all other changes.