Google Translate For iOS Gets Translations Divided By Genre


The Google Translate update that provides gender-specific translations of the word is finally coming to iOS app users. Google announced this feature for the web version in 2018, and four years later it is rolling out to mobile apps.

Previously, depending on the context, only a standard translation was provided, translating the expression or phrase into masculine or feminine only. Now, when entering terms where gender is not specified, two ways are suggested. The word “doctor”, for example, which means “doctor” or “doctor” in English, does not have a specific gender, but still received only one translation.

Google’s explanation

James Kuczmarski, product manager at Google Translate, explained that the tool “learns from hundreds of millions of translation examples on the web”. Because of this, “he only provided one translation for a query, even though the translation could have a feminine or masculine form”.

“So when the model produced a translation, it inadvertently replicated gender biases that already existed. For example, it would be masculine for words like ‘strong’ or ‘doctor’ and feminine for other words like ‘nurse’ or ‘beautiful’.” commented Kuczmarski.

Google had already announced in 2018 its interest in bringing the update to mobile apps. With the arrival of the novelty to iOS, it is quite possible that Android users will also have access soon.