Google Tone Transfer converts ordinary sounds into music


Google is doing interesting but impressive things with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The company’s latest experiment with these technologies makes it possible to transform any sound into a musical cross section with the help of machine learning. Google offers this feature under the name Tone Transfer.

Using machine learning algorithms, Tone Transfer can transform human voice, bird chirp, pot-pan noise, or any other sound into a short and simple composition.

Tone Transfer starts working after only 15 seconds of audio recording. Then users hear music played with a flute, saxophone, violin, or trumpet.

Tone Transfer can be tried on an Android phone or computer. You can access Tone Transfer’s web page by clicking here. The easiest way to test the feature is for users to record their own hum. A recording of a short murmur can quickly turn into a song.

After the record is sent, artificial intelligence comes into play. After a while, the sent sound is played back with the instruments and played back to the users in an organized manner. Users can also hear recordings made with different instruments.

It takes some time to get better results with Google Tone Transfer. However, at this point, it is worth noting that it is really enjoyable to “play” with Tone Transfer.


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