Google To Launch Augmented Reality Glasses In 2024


Google: At the end of the year, a report by The New York Times revealed that Google is working on a new augmented reality (AR) device. This last Thursday (20), new information indicated that the company’s AR glasses are in development, with a launch scheduled for until 2024.

According to a report published by The Verge, Google is developing the headset, codenamed Project Iris, at a facility in San Francisco, California. On the surface, the device looks like ski goggles and doesn’t require any wired connections.

Google Glass? No!

According to two familiar sources, development is still in the early stages. In addition, the product would be manufactured with a Google Tensor processor and Android system, like the new Google Pixel — including, some professionals from the Pixel team are working on the headset hardware. In any case, some job vacancies that have suggested in recent months also indicate that a unique operating system must be developed for the device.

As an alternative to reduce power consumption, Google will use cloud servers to remotely render some graphics and then stream them to the augmented reality headset. The rumor also indicates that the company must offer high quality hardware to compete with the options of Microsoft, Apple and Meta.

Currently, Project Iris is a Google secret and the core team only has 300 professionals, but new people are expected to be hired in the coming months. Executive Clay Bavor is the project supervisor and reports directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.