Google threatens to remove search engine for tax reasons


The fight between Google and the Australian government is far from over and could result in drastic measures by the company. According to the BBC, the brand threatened to remove the search engine from the country if the legislative controversies are not resolved.

The dispute has been aggravated since April 2020, when the Australian government started the process to pass a law that charges fees from technology companies that wish to broadcast local news on their platforms. The money would go to media companies and, for now, is still under debate in the Senate.

Google director for the region, Melanie Silva, said in an audience with local politicians that the laws are “impractical” and that if the current version of the project is approved, “it would not give us any real chance but to stop making the Google search engine in Australia “. In October last year, Google even launched an open letter against regulation, but was unable to stop the campaign.


Interestingly, Google sees a similar process differently. In France, it has agreed to do licensing for publishing companies and news agencies.

According to CNBC, the agreement will be fully tailored with the Alliance de la Presse d’Information Generale, a body that represents local media companies – the presence of an antitrust and government entity forcing the agreement is the company’s biggest problem in the Australian case.

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