Google Tests HDR Photo Support for Camera Go App


Google continues to work to bring new features to the Android Go operating system used for entry-level smartphones. A recent review shows that Google continues to work to offer HDR Photo support in Camera Go.

Google continues to work to provide an advanced camera application on the operating system Android Go, developed for entry-level smartphones. Camera Go, the light version of the Camera app on Google’s Pixel smartphones, is available on Android Go devices such as Nokia 1.3.

Reviews on the Camera Go app on Android Go devices show where Google wants to bring this lightweight camera app. A new review of Camera Go shows that the app pushes the boundaries of today’s display technology. In the review made in Camera Go, it was seen that the application has a feature that will provide HDR photos.

HDR support to Android Go devices
A hidden transition feature called Detail Enhancement was found in Camera Go. With this transition feature, the application’s HDR mode is activated. Although the feature is viewable, it is currently unavailable. However, under the transition feature, there are three options: Closed, Open and Automatic.

HDR (High Dynamic Range), as the name implies, provides more dynamic range of photos. In HDR mode, three photos are taken instead of one, and these three are combined with the best features in a fourth photo.

Google started to offer HDR + support to all Android phones with the GCam application, as well as to try HDR in the Camera Go application. HDR + support, which will be a dream for Android Go devices, offers users more dynamic photos.

Even if HDR + is not available, GoogleR support for entry-level Android devices with Android Go installed can make these devices more preferable. These devices, which attract attention with their affordable prices, can provide a good smartphone experience to their users where they have some of the superior Android features.


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