Google Tests a Feature That Will Make Chrome’s Address Bar Even Simpler


The new tags that appear in Google’s experimental browser Canary showed new changes to occur in Chrome’s address bar. Accordingly, Chrome will only show the site name in the address bar section in the future.

One of the most preferred browsers today, Google Chrome has experienced many changes to date. Some of these changes have also occurred on the link that appears in the address bar. Google clarified the emphasis on the links between the main part and the rest and concealed the HTTP and HTTPS extensions.

However, Google will not be limited only to the new experimental features that appear on Chrome Canary. This time, the company is working on an innovation that will show users only the main part of the link (name of the site). This innovation coming to Chrome is currently being tested by developers.

The address bar will look simpler:

AndroidPolice encountered a new flag (flag) in the latest version of Chrome Canary. When this tag, which has the name ‘Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query and Ref’ is activated, the domain, which corresponds only to the name of the site and which is the root of the link, appears in a link.

In addition to this label, two other labels were identified. These tags had the names ‘Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query and Ref on Hover’ and ‘Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query and Ref on Interaction’. The label, ending in ‘on Hover’, helped to reveal the entire link when users hovered over the address bar.

On the other hand, the second label, ending with ‘on Interaction’, concealed the content in the address bar in a different way. Thanks to this tag, when users interact with the page, only the root link was left in the address bar. So when the site first opened, the link was completely visible.

It is not yet known when Google Chrome will get this feature. However, since our eyes get used to seeing a white and gray text in the address bar, taking the necessary actions when we need this link can be annoying for a few of us at first.


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