Google Tasks: What Is And How The App Works


Google Tasks, also known as Google Task, is an application that allows you to create a series of tasks for your everyday life. In addition, it brings the functionality to schedule reminders for these activities, which can be configured to periodically alert the user.

Today, TecMundo explains better what Google Tasks is and teaches you how to create an activity with or without a reminder. Check out:

What is Google Tasks

Google Tasks is an app available for iOS and Android. With it, you can create a series of tasks and schedule reminders so you don’t forget them. It is also possible to create a series of lists within the app, such as items to be purchased in the market, friends to contact, etc.

To use the app you must have a Google account. With it, your tasks are associated with your profile and can be accessed on any device that uses the same login.

And because it is a Google application, it also brings functionality associated with other services from the company, such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs. You can, for example, view daily reminders along with other schedules in your calendar.

How to schedule a task with a reminder

1. Open the application and press the “+” symbol;

2. In the text box, type the name of your task;

3. If you want to schedule a reminder for the task, click on the calendar symbol and then choose the date and time to be notified;

4. It is also possible to define if the reminder will be done only once or with a certain frequency, such as every day, week, month, etc;

5. It is also possible to add specific information in a task, just use the field below (as shown in the image);

6. After filling everything in, press save to save your task;

7. It is also possible to create specific lists to gather certain tasks. To do this, click on the three lines at the bottom left, and then on the option “Create new list”;

8. Okay, now you can better schedule by creating tasks with reminders to organize your day to day.


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