Google takes action for TikTok attack


Although TikTok is subject to intense criticism especially due to the videos shot in our country, it continues to grow rapidly. Contrary to popular belief, TikTok, which is not limited to fun videos and has more than 800 million users, aims to remove Instagram from its throne, while the TikTok attack is on the agenda!

Google removed many comments from TikTok attack

A counter campaign was launched due to the offensive videos shared in India, where the app has the most users. Hashtags like #BanTikTok, DeleteTikTok and BlockTikTok are on the agenda on Twitter.

Family violence, animal cruelty, racism and abuse videos prepared by malicious people were revealed and shared on Twitter. .

After this move, the application’s score decreased from 4.5 to 1.2. However, a correction move came from Google. A Google spokesperson said that users are free to rate and interpret applications, but this should not be spammed. In this context, the application score increased to 1.6 with the removal of comments and ratings that were seen as spam.

Looking at the current situation: As of May 27, that is, about 1 week after this incident, your application score is at the level of 2.9.

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