Google Street View Viewed Truck’s Terrible Accident With A Motorcycle


Google Maps’s Street View camera viewed a traffic accident that occurred in Mexico in 2015. Accident images still visible in Maps Street View have been blurred by Google.

The Street View camera of Google Maps, one of the most popular map applications in the world, viewed an accident that occurred in 2015. The accident that occurred in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, can be clearly seen on Google Maps.

In the image captured by the Street View camera, it can be seen that two people on the motorcycle hit the truck and a passenger on the motorcycle hits the glass of the truck and the other passenger hits the middle of the truck’s body.

According to Autoevolution, the image captured by the Street View camera belongs to 2015. Images from the moment of the accident, which are still viewable in Street View of Google Maps, have been blurred by Google.

The highly active Google Maps Street View camera often captures such images. Unfortunately, these images cannot be missed in the streets with thousands of vehicles around. Google tries to avoid disturbing people by blurring these crash images and violating the rules. This blurring technology used by Google on Maps automatically blurs people’s faces and license plates.


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