Google Store guarantees refund in case of price adjustment


One thing that bothers people a lot is when the price of a product decreases right after the purchase is made in a store. This, however, is not a problem for those who buy smartphones or gadgets from Google in some retail store partnering with the search giant or in the Google Store itself.

This is because the company has a mechanism to compare the prices of the same products in several partner retailers around the world and, if the price decreases within 15 days after any purchase, the user can request a refund of this difference.

A service like this is important if we consider that the company already has the habit of lowering the prices of its products in the countries where it operates. An example for this is the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices, which had a decrease of about $ 300 in its official store in the United States.

How does it work

When purchasing the product from a retailer listed on the Google service, or on the Google Store itself, and notice that its price has fallen within the next 15 days, the user can access this link, which is from the company’s support, and request the readjustment.

In addition, on this website, the customer can check all partner stores of the Mountain View company, which are included in the comparison service and terms of service.

Covered countries

The service is available in several countries where the company officially operates with the sale of its products, which includes much of Europe and Oceania and in some countries in Asia and the Americas.

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