Google steps for iOS for the first time in months


Google has been updating Gmail and other iOS apps for the first time in months. However, Chrome and Drive are still in the background.

Google has updated the Gmail iOS app for the first time in months, along with Meet, Sheets, Docs, Calendar and Tasks. Now, in addition to Tasks that support widgets in iOS 14, updates including bug fixes and performance improvements have been provided.

Google updated its iOS apps after a long hiatus

Since Apple began to force third-party developers to post privacy nutrition tags, Google is rolling out new versions of these apps for the first time, with the exception of a few YouTube updates in February.

However, some other major Google iOS apps are still not updated. The company hasn’t made any changes to the Chrome app since November. Google unveiled the latest version of the Drive app on December 7, a day before Apple enforced privacy tags. Drive, the App Store page now includes a privacy tag, but Chrome still doesn’t.

As it is known, Apple has been applying the “Application Privacy” tags since December. However, Google has been pretty slow to support this feature.

The reason why Google responded so late to Apple’s step is unknown. On the other hand, applications that do not receive updates for months are thought to fulfill a number of requirements during this period.

How do you evaluate Google’s stance on updating iOS apps?


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