Google starts blocking ads that slow browser down


Google has started releasing a new feature in Chrome that promises to make the browser faster and reduce power consumption. The program now avoids ads that are too heavy to prioritize the user experience.

The company announced the news in May and gave web developers time to adapt to the new reality. Now, the company has started to implement the heavyweight ad blocker as standard in all versions of the browser.

Chrome’s new functionality aims to punish ads that require a lot of data or processing while running in the browser. In addition to making the web cleaner, the new browser standards promise to decrease the consumption of battery and internet packages while using the program.

Which ads will be blocked?

The Google browser will block ads that consume more than 4 MB of data. In addition, advertisements that exceed 15 seconds of processing every half minute or use the CPU for more than 60 seconds will also stop loading.

The new ad blocking standards implemented in Chrome were stipulated in partnership with Coalition for Better Ads. According to Google, all advertisements classified as illegal will be blocked before they even reach the user.

Heavy ad blocking is already reaching Chrome users and is activated automatically. You can also force the activation of the novelty using the browser’s Flags system, just follow the steps below:

1 – Open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome: // flags
2- In the search bar, search for heavy-ad
3 – Select the Enabled option in the category enable-heavy-ad-intervention
4 – Select the Disabled option in the heavy-ad-privacy-mitigations category


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