Google Stadia will offer 85% of each sale to developers for a limited time


Google Stadia: The Silicon Valley company will also share 70% of the revenue generated in Stadia Pro with its partners. Change in the future strategy of Google Stadia. Developers will receive 85% of the revenue for every purchase of any title released since October 1, while Google will keep 15%. However, this distribution will only apply until the first 3 million dollars are reached. It is not a long-term plan either, since it will change again in 2023, so after that date the distribution of income will be the same as before.

In addition, the North American company will implement a new model to share the income in the games of the Pro subscription, which will offer its partners an extra income each month. They will begin to apply at the end of July, as they have confirmed in a panel during the Games Summit. 70% of all the money generated monthly by the Pro subscription will be distributed among the partners based on the daily sessions that the players have spent in the games.

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Presentation of new incentives for partners
The American giant has also announced a new marketing program for Stadia Pro partners, which will begin in early 2022. All developers will get $ 10 for each user they manage to attract to the Stadia Pro subscription. They will follow up thanks to the Click To button Play, which runs Stadia in a browser and switches to a paid subscription when the trial month ends.

“Stadia Pro continues to be the focus for us,” Alan Joyce, Google Stadia Product Manager, told GamesIndustry. In his own words, they intend to “reward and encourage” partners who create “great experiences for the players”, so that he is convinced that this will translate into more content for the future.

Google Stadia announced the closure of its internal studies, so from now on it will bet on providing the technology to other partners and nurturing the Stadia catalog thanks to agreements with other companies.


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